It is now a month since the break in onto our site and the subsequent attack on our ponies. Our series of Facebook reports in the last month have focused on the injuries to our two RDA ponies Marigold and Buffy. In the last few weeks both Marigold and Buffy have made better progress than we could have hoped for. Their physical injuries are healing well, and they are both now able to enjoy a short time of turn out in the fields. They continue to be monitored by our vets.

Sadly, as some of you may already be aware another horse, Sam, was also injured in the attack and tragically has subsequently been euthanised because of his injury. Sam’s owner Bo is a hugely valued volunteer and Trustee at Epsom RDA and the gentle Sam was much loved by all of us. We are all devasted that this incident has had such a tragic outcome.  More information on Sam available in this press release

The last few weeks have been a challenging time for everyone at Epsom RDA. It has been a situation which as a voluntary run charity we could not imagine we would have to face. Our community of volunteers and riders have pulled together to ensure we have been able to provide our riders with the opportunity to continue to experience the joy riding brings.

We have been encourgaged by the generosity of your donations and by your words of support at this difficult time. It has been heartening to hear how much Epsom RDA means to so many people far and wide. We have also been touched by the messages of support from the rest of the RDA community up and down the UK, and from further afield including a group in New Zealand.



Epsom RDA is always looking for new ponies to join our herd. We need to increase the size of our herd so we
are able to offer more disabled people the opportunity to learn to ride with us.

We would like to find a pony of  around 15hh for our heavier and taller riders and a 14.2hh for our smaller riders. They need to be versatile and bombproof to be able to deal with the variety of riders and the number of different people who will help look after them in a busy environment.

We would like them to be around 10 years of age so they have the life experience to deal with the different situations they will face.

A tall order but in return we offer a first class home with 24/7 turnout, regular schooling and hacking programme, and opportunities to take part in competitions. Please contact us if you know of a pony who might have what it takes to make a RDA pony.

Epsom RDA follows the RDA UK Equine Welfare policy.