Sadly we have to report that our beloved pony Buffy has been put to sleep.

As you maybe aware Buffy was one of three ponies injured during the break in to our premises in August 2018. Despite a considerable amount of careful and patient care Buffy remained traumatised. Unfortunately this meant Buffy could never be ridden again. After discussions with our Trustees, our vets and RDA National it was agreed that it was in the best interest of Buffy’s welfare for her to be put to sleep.

We have given lengthy consideration to alternatives for Buffy, such as finding her a retirement home. However, Buffy’s home for 15 years had been Epsom RDA and it was felt that the stress of travelling and being somewhere unknown to her would be too stressful for a sensitive pony in an already anxious state. We also had to take into consideration her underlying medical conditions of Cushings and Laminitis which would have required ongoing complex management.

Buffy has been an absolute star whilst working for Epsom RDA and it has been an unbelievably hard decision to make, but it was agreed the best thing we could for this sweet pony was to allow her to end her days peacefully in the place she has given so much to and where for so many years she was so happy.

In her 15 years at Epsom RDA Buffy gave countless riders the opportunity to experience the joy of riding, and specialised in looking after our smaller, younger riders. She found a special place in the heart of our volunteers for her patient and kind nature. Buffy will be much missed by all at Epsom RDA.