Our Riders

During the year we provide over 3,000 rides for over 300 disabled adults and children. Our riders have a range of physical and learning disabilities and come to us from a variety of special needs schools, hospitals, other charities, and day centres. At weekends individual riders are brought to us by their parents and carers.

The medical benefits of riding are well recognised. It helps exercise and strengthen muscles, mobilises joints, and helps riders develop their balance,independence and sensory perception. Riders also gain mentally and emotionally from riding.

The riders self-esteem is improved, particularly when people important to them cheer them on. They gain from the achievement of each goal, large or small. They also develop friendships with other members of the Epsom RDA community, as well as building bonds with their favourite ponies. It's also fun!

 We do have a long waiting list for our riding sessions but if you interested in riding with us please download and complete the  Rider Enquiry Form 2018 and return it to us at the address provided