Volunteer training

Green Card:

All our volunteers receive “Green Card” training on joining Epsom RDA as part of their induction programme. The training covers the basic elements of horse handling and rider support, as well as health and safety awareness. 

Stage 1:

Our volunteers then progress onto “Stage 1” training which is based around our horses; more in depth teaching on our horses' care and management, and how they have an effect on our riders.

Stage 1 Training Notes

Health and Safety Quiz

Stage 2:

More specialised tuition is covered in “Stage 2” as the teaching is based on understanding our riders better, meaning helpers will come away with more knowledge and improved skills so as to optimise the core service for our riders 

Stage 2 Training Notes


Our Group Coaches also have an in-house training programme which is integrated with the volunteer training. It follows a format of two informal discussion sessions and two formal practical sessions around agreed themes.

All volunteers are also encouraged to attend Regional and National training events and conferences.

More resources for Group Coaches including details on the Coaching Pathway are available at the National MyRDA website


Everyone within RDA has the right to report any issues which cause concern about another person in confidence, this can be done to the appointed Safeguarding Officer or direct to RDA UK.

 At Epsom RDA we have a 

  • Safeguarding Policy Statement
  • Safe recruitment – standard application form, 2 references and disclosure checks
  • A Safeguarding Officer
  • All coaches that run sessions have a current (within 3 years) safeguarding certificate
  • All in the group is aware of who to contact if there is a safeguarding concern
At Epsom RDA our Safeguarding officer is Louise Johns from the Saturday AM session. More information on Safeguarding guidelines and policy can be found at RDA National Safeguarding

Training Dates 2020

Mental First Aid Training Course - Saturday 1 February

An introduction to young people's mental health and issues that can affect them. The course to be run by Mental Health First Aid England. The course is free to all Epsom RDA volunteers, including coaches and session helpers.

The course will be held at Stamford Green Primary School from 9:30am to 12:30pm - Morning session is full

Afternoon session added starting at 13:30. Places free for Epsom RDA volunteers plus limited number of places available for volunteers from other RDA Groups at £10 each (afternoon session only)

Click here to reserve your place

 Volunteer Stage 1 and 2 Training

Stage 1 - Sunday 15 March repeated Sunday 27 September

Stage 2  - Sunday 5 April repeated Sunday 18 October